Revolutionizing Retail Stock and Production

At mATUM, we specialize in transforming retail management through IoT technology and LoRaWAN connectivity. Picture a future where retail spaces prioritize sustainability, comfort, and security while optimizing operational costs with data-driven insights and automation.

Our solutions streamline stock management and production planning, enhancing efficiency and profitability. Using IoT LoRaWAN sensors, we provide real-time insights to stay ahead in today's competitive market.

In the retail world, antiquated systems struggle to adapt to changing consumer demands and energy inefficiencies. mATUM's revolutionary solutions take center stage, ensuring seamless adjustments to conditions and minimizing energy waste. Real-time data empowers retail managers to make swift, informed decisions, improving operational efficiency.

  • Precise Stock Control: Real-time inventory visibility with IoT sensors, including weight and IoT scales in refrigerated cases, ensures optimal inventory management and reduces losses.
  • Data-Driven Production: Analyze real-time stock trends and sales data to refine production scheduling, reduce waste, and respond to shifting demand patterns.
  • Empower Sales Teams: Provide sales representatives with instant access to stock and freshness data for superior customer service, data-driven recommendations, and increased sales.
  • Elevate Shopping Experiences: Maintain well-stocked and appealing refrigerated displays to enhance customer satisfaction, encourage repeat visits, and drive word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: Optimize energy usage through our sensors, fine-tuning HVAC and lighting systems for operational efficiency and cost savings.
  • Personalized Shopping: Deliver personalized experiences with proximity, ultrasonic, and presence sensors that adapt lighting, temperature, and ambiance based on shopper occupancy, creating an inviting and unique atmosphere.

Essential KPIs and insights:

  • Shelf Stock Optimization: Evaluate how IoT sensors contribute to maintaining optimal product availability on store shelves, reducing inventory management challenges.
  • Real-Time Inventory Accuracy: Measure the accuracy of real-time inventory data provided by IoT sensors, ensuring that stock levels are consistently up-to-date.
  • Refrigerated Display Performance: Monitor the effectiveness of maintaining well-stocked refrigerated displays in enhancing warehouse management and sales.
  • Sales Team Productivity: Assess the impact of IoT data on sales representatives' productivity, including data-driven recommendations.
  • Real-Time Location Accuracy: Assess the precision of asset location data provided by IoT sensors to ensure accurate tracking and minimize errors.
  • Asset Loss Prevention: Monitor the effectiveness of asset tracking in preventing asset loss, theft, or misplacement.
  • Production Efficiency: Analyze how real-time stock trends and sales data optimize production scheduling, reducing waste and enhancing production efficiency.
  • Air Quality Management: Monitor improvements in indoor air quality with the use of air quality sensors, contributing to customer satisfaction.
  • Energy Efficiency: Track the reduction in energy consumption achieved through IoT sensors, contributing to cost savings and sustainability goals.
  • Waste Collection Efficiency: This KPI assesses the efficiency of waste collection processes based on data from waste level sensors.