Revolutionizing Mining Operations with Advanced IoT Solutionss

Embark on a mining revolution powered by mATUM's cutting-edge IoT solutions, reshaping the very foundations of efficiency, safety, and sustainability within the mining sector. Historically fraught with inherent risks, operational inefficiencies, and pressing environmental concerns, the mining industry now stands poised to transition into a new era marked by proactive strategies, data-driven insights, and seamless connectivity.

mATUM's unwavering commitment is rooted in understanding the mining landscape without the integration of IoT devices. Manual data collection and reactive maintenance practices inevitably lead to operational vulnerabilities and safety hazards. The absence of real-time insights becomes a roadblock to effective process optimization, contributing to escalated costs and a heightened environmental footprint. However, our profound expertise in IoT and LoRaWAN technology forms a robust answer to these challenges, presenting transformative solutions that pave the way for sustainable, secure, and remarkably efficient mining operations.

In addition to enhancing mining processes, mATUM extends its prowess to address the critical dimensions of mine safety, equipment tracking, hazard detection, mining automation, and environmental monitoring. These integrated approaches further solidify our commitment to shaping the future of mining by ushering in a safer, more efficient, and environmentally conscious domain.

  • Safety First: Motion and occupancy sensors, sound and vibration sensors, and radiation sensors contribute to a safer mining environment by detecting movement, equipment anomalies, and potential radiation exposure
  • Location Tracking: GPS trackers and emergency wearables ensure the real-time location of miners, enhancing their safety and enabling rapid response in emergencies
  • Improved Productivity: Image sensors and proximity sensors optimize mining operations by providing data on ore quality, equipment status, and worker presence

mATUM's IoT industry solutions:


Motion and Occupancy

Elevate safety protocols by detecting movement and occupancy in mining buildings, enabling enhanced security measures and facilitating efficient emergency responses for workers' protection


Sound and Vibration

Monitor sound levels and vibrations to proactively assess potential hazards, safeguarding the well-being of both miners and machinery within the mining environment and mitigating risks


Gas and Air Quality

Detect hazardous gases and pollutants such as CO2, CO, methane, and VOCs, fostering a healthier and safer work atmosphere for miners and preventing health complications linked to exposure


GPS Trackers

Enable real-time location tracking for equipment and personnel, optimizing logistical operations, bolstering safety, and enhancing overall operational efficiency in mining endeavors


Emergency Wearables

Solution that promptly identify locations during emergencies, expediting rescue efforts and reducing potential risks. It acts as lifelines, enhancing emergency response protocols


Vibration Monitoring

Vibration monitoring solution to assess machinery vibrations, identifying potential faults and maintenance needs, ensuring machinery performance and extending equipment lifespan


Dust and Particulate

Airborne dust and particulates detection, allowing proactive measures to mitigate dust-related health risks for miners and maintain air quality standards in mining facilities


Hazardous Material

Employ IoT solution to track and monitor the handling and movement of hazardous materials within mining operations, enhancing regulatory compliance and minimizing exposure risks


Emergency Siren

Enhance safety by deploying emergency sirens for immediate alerts during critical situations, enabling rapid evacuation and response

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